Waterproof, attractive, durable, and affordable: Luxury vinyl flooring

What more of an introduction do you need? In luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile, you have a flooring that can be used in every room and on every level of your house. It is equally well suited to both casual and formal rooms and it will hold up against whatever wear and tear your household brings.

Planks and tiles, oh my…

Luxury vinyl flooring comes in two sorts of floors that are designed to provide you with the flooring look that you want. There is luxury vinyl plank flooring that is designed to imitate the look of a hardwood floor. There are various widths of boards and grain patterns from which to choose. But, if hardwood is not the look for which you are striving in the room, there is also luxury vinyl tile flooring. This is designed to look like ceramic or porcelain tile in some cases and other cases, to look like brick or stone flooring. At first glance, you may not think these are vinyl.

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A truly waterproof floor

One of the most attractive features of vinyl flooring is that it is completely and waterproof. It does not matter if your children splash water out of the bathtub, your dishwasher springs a leak, or if this year’s water-gun championships get held in your living room; these floors are designed for moisture. They will not warp, bow, bend, fade, swell, or lose their structural integrity due to any amount of water that is placed on them. Just clean up and go. It is that simple.

Both durable and affordable

Luxury vinyl flooring is also designed to hold up against wear and tear. From the shuffling of feet, little paws from your favorite pet, or sliding a chair around, luxury vinyl provides a truly resilient flooring. Being that they are made of vinyl, even if they do acquire a scratch from that butcher knife that was dropped at your last dinner party, they do not lose any of their waterproof properties and in most cases, even small scratches will neatly blend away. Plus, installing one of these floors won’t break the budget.

If this sounds too good to be true or if you are thinking about luxury vinyl floors for your home, come give us a visit at our Roanoke, VA showroom. Not only do we service the Roanoke area, but we also serve Roanoke, VA, Cave Spring, VA, Salem, VA, Hollins, VA, and Vinton, VA. Give us a try, we would like to become your luxury vinyl flooring retailer in south-central Virginia.