Do you love classics as much as we do? Hardwood flooring

Nothing says classic like hardwood flooring. Whether you are trying for that rustic look or are capturing the elegance of a grand ballroom, a wood floor is a way to go. And, when it comes to hardwood, we, at Fashion Floors Roanoke, are the place to visit.

Many different species

Traditionally, wood floors were pretty much made from pine, oak, or maybe maple, all of which we carry in lots of different stain colors and board-widths. These made, and still make, for a beautiful floor, yet today, your options are far less limited. For instance, we also carry American cherry, birch, hickory, maple, walnut, and kupay flooring. These floors will give you the elegance of their more traditional cousins, but they open the door to an almost endless range of grain patterns and natural hues.

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Rustic as well as elegant

Maybe the look you are trying for is something closer to a New England pub and not an antebellum hall. We also carry lines of distressed wood. What that means is that a craftsman will take the individual boards and scrape or beat the board to give the flooring the look of being 100 years old or more. These floors are then hand-finished and sent along for you, our customer. Every distressed floor is unique as it was hand-worked and the floor, when fully installed, will exude character and will be a sure conversation starter with any guests that you may have over.

Engineered hardwood

Perhaps you are considering doing your whole home in wood floors but are concerned about how the wood will hold up in your basement. While solid hardwoods are not designed for below-grade installation, engineered floors are. In an engineered floor, a layer of hardwood is attached to a plywood backing. The plywood protects from the moisture as well as stabilization to the wood itself. These are perfectly designed for use in the basement, on slab construction, or anywhere where moisture might make a solid wood installation unwise. And, if you are looking to match your flooring, there are engineered lines to match virtually any line of solid wood.

At Fashion Floors Roanoke, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with a wide range of wood flooring options. Give us a call or stop by our Roanoke, VA showroom and let us find that option that is perfect for you. Even if you live in the wider area of Roanoke, VA, Cave Spring, VA, Salem, VA, Hollins, VA, or Vinton, VA, pay us a visit. We think that you will be glad you did.